Best massage I’ve had in a year, and I’ve had about 7 total at different places. With my back tightness I need deep tissue massage to really loosen up and come out feeling noticeably better, but I feel like most places are mediocre and disappoint…not this place though! my massage therapist focused on the right spots and rode that line just under my pain threshold, which is what a solid deep tissue massage should do in my opinion…many places don’t go deep enough and I often end up disappointed
—Lisa E.
Massage Good Balance brings body work to a whole new level of professionalism and effectiveness. You don’t just get a massage. You get a treatment that really has a positive impact on your body and well being. I had a treatment with Sal and my body was different afterwards; it was better. I can still feel the results the next day and I haven’t slept so well in ages
—Greg W.
Massage Good Balance is amazing! It’s well-run, affordable, clean and convenient. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs more out of a massage than relaxation! If you’re active, an athlete, or have discomfort, they’ll definitely give you the right treatment.
— Mike P.
I just went to Massage Good Balance last night. I learned so much about my injury and the best stretches to help my injured leg! I also felt so much better after leaving. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in fixing a sport injury.
— Kaci T.